Monday, 3 January 2011

My Turn

So it's taken my Friend Dave to get me started posting to my woefully neglected Blog. It's been two years from the last time I posted.
Dave planted the idea of starting an Imagi-nation. Naturally I thought this was a wonderful idea and agreed to join. Of course to be sure I'd at least consider the idea Dave gave me two commander miniatures to kick things off as a Christmas gift.

It's become a very popular idea among our circle of wargamers with lots of discussion about rules and the composition of our fictious regiments.

Dave and I have settled on large Battalions in the old school tradition of Grant and Young.
As for rules we have decided to start with Sharpe Practice ( ) a decidedly non-old school rules offering. The rules contain just the correct amount of crunch and include rules for developing Commander Figures with skills and Personality traits. Ideas that both Dave and I enjoy.

I'm looking forward to developing my fictions Imagi-nation and I hope to be sharing my progress with you.


spqrdave said...

Holy @#$%^! You are in!

Stephen Thomson said...

Nice! Welcome to the world of Imagination!

When you decide on a name, I can slot you in on the Imagination map I've been making. I actually have a spot reserved for you....