Sunday, 11 January 2009

Well I've started in on the Mycenaeans for our DBA campaign. I thought I'd post of picture of a few of them. What you see are 8 Pikemen (in DBA terms) and a light chariot.

I've decided that I'll go with a white undercoat and paint with washes over some basic blocking. I'll probably start painting the pikemen tomorrow. I'll post my progress.

Friday, 9 January 2009

I thought I'd try something to keep me posting and to keep working on a new project. The gaming group I play with meets most Sunday mornings to play wargames. We play anything from GW's Epic to Peter Pigs PBI.
We decided as a group to begin a new DBA campaign. I like participating in these campaigns because it forces me to paint a new army to a deadline. This time around I'll be playing Early Mycenaean.
So it was off to Essex (virtually) to buy my army. The package arrived yesterday. What I plan to do is chronicle my progress as I complete the army in preparation for the campaign. I believe the campaign is to start in late March (I'll have to confirm that).

Here's the goodies in there baggy!

Some pictures from our Christmas vacation wargame. Dave and I played a huge Napoleonic battle involving close to 1200 28mm miniatures. It was France vs the British in another titanic struggle. We used Field of Battle ( for the rules. They do a great job of handling large battles. We played our game to conclusion in about 4 hours.

British Initial Setup